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Parks Victoria and Earthwatch Australia have partnered to gather important knowledge about the effects of climate change. ClimateWatch is a citizen science initiative that seeks to educate and empower Australians to contribute to climate change science. Through the program, park visitors are supported to collect phenological data on a range of species and in doing so, help shape the country’s scientific response to climate change. Using a dedicated mobile app and web platform, ClimateWatch is self-directed and can be used by anyone, anywhere in Australia.


Through our ClimateWatch in Parks program we want to activate our ClimateWatch Trails, encouraging local communities, schools and volunteers to regularly collect and submit data to help us track changes to biodiversity as a result of climate change. We need regular recordings over several years to be able to track change. So whether you’re simply taking a walk, are planning a school excursion, want to learn more about what lives in your local parks or are keen to become an ongoing volunteer, we’d love your help.

To become a volunteer, register with ParkConnect.

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