Discovery Guides - Yarra Bend Park



To engage community members to be active and passionate volunteer guides who will help visitors understand, appreciate, and connect with Parks special places.

This will support outstanding visitor experience and increase health of the broader community and volunteers themselves through access to nature.


PLEASE NOTE: Volunteer applications for Yarra Bend Park Guides 2020- 2021 have now closed. New applicants will be contacted at the beginning of next season.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Park Guide at Yarra Bend, join this group and a staff member will be in touch on how to apply.

The Park Guides program will engage volunteers as Park Guides at special places across the state to deliver quality guided walks. Volunteers provide insightful information enhancing the visitor experience and fostering a connection between parks, visitors and community.

To become a volunteer, register with ParkConnect.

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Name:Drue Shultz

Phone:+61 437 350 109


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