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Becoming a Parks Victoria volunteer

Parks Victoria volunteers help to protect, maintain and restore Victoria’s unique and special places.

There are many benefits of volunteering such as learning more about the natural environment, gaining new skills, being in the outdoors and making new friends. Volunteering, especially with nature, is also great for your mind, body and spirit.

To become a volunteer, register with ParkConnect and then create your volunteer profile.

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We have many exciting and diverse volunteer activities for you to get involved in. You can look for activity types that interest you or maybe an activity that is in a park close to you. You may also like to find activities that a group is involved in.

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Programs and groups

Parks Victoria groups

Parks Victoria has a strong network of committed volunteer groups that work tirelessly to improve their local environments. Groups may have a special interest in a local reserve, ecosystem, heritage site or a significant animal or plant species. Groups vary in size and structure and are spread out across Victoria. Groups offer fantastic volunteer activities and a great social atmosphere. Groups are inviting you to join them or simply join their activities.

Parks Victoria programs

Parks Victoria manages a range of both short and long term programs across all seasons and landscapes that volunteers can join.Programs might include assisting park visitors with up to date park information on important walking trails or campsites or helping visitors with limited opportunities to access parks enjoy the outdoors. You could join a research or monitoring program and collect valuable data.



Parks Victoria's Campground Host program provides a fantastic way to see magnificent parks while at the same time providing a valuable service to other campers and Parks Victoria rangers. Campground hosts enjoy working in some of Victoria’s most amazing wilderness areas, learning about the local environment and helping others to experience all that our parks have to offer.


Campground Host volunteers offer a friendly point of contact for visitors to some of Parks Victoria’s most popular camping destinations along with assisting Parks Victoria Rangers by providing campground orientation, up to date Park information, light campground maintenance and a direct link between visitors and Parks Victoria.

Start a group

Are you a group of volunteers with a special interest in a Park or associated Park species or feature? Then you may be interested in starting a group of your own. You can find out what’s involved, responsibilities of a group leader and more.