The Volunteering Innovation Fund is part of the Victoria’s Great Outdoors program, which seeks to get more Victorians, from all walks of life outdoors enjoying nature. Parks and forests in Victoria are supported by many passionate volunteers. The Volunteering Innovation Fund is building on this incredible work and inviting others to enjoy Victoria’s Great Outdoors through volunteering. Parks Victoria is looking for innovators, nature-lovers and community minded people to support, expand and diversify environmental volunteering.

The Volunteering Innovation Fund will award $2million in funding over three years, with the final round closing in 2023. Good innovation requires taking risks, trying something new or different. To excite people to volunteer, the Victorian Government is giving funding in two sizes: smaller amounts (up to $20,000) and larger (up to $50,000) so that your bold ideas for environmental volunteering can get off the ground. Successful applications will be those that create change, inspire volunteering, and leave a legacy.

Voting is now open!

We’ve received lots of great applications for community-led projects that consider new ways of volunteering in and for the environment. Vote on the most innovative and interesting projects that inspire you to volunteer for nature. To have your say, visit
Online voting closes at 5pm on Thursday 12 August 2021

How to apply

1. Register with Park Connect.

2. Apply to the Volunteering Innovation Fund.

3. Manage your Volunteering Innovation Fund Application/s.


Make sure your idea meets the Funding Guidelines and addresses the Criteria.

Example Applications

Example Application 1

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Example Application 2

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Example Application 3

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Application Questions

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Fact Sheets

When applying:

Building your Application

Tips to plan and build your application

Applying for Funding

Step-by-step guide to help answer all questions in the application

Auspice of projects

Advises when you need auspice support and the requirements

Managing Country Together

Outlines your requirement to engage with traditional owners and when to undertake cultural assessments

Once submitted:

Unsuccessful Applications

Outlines the options available for unsuccessful applications

Successful Applications

Outlines the overarching requirements of successful applications

Completing your Project Plan

Step-by-step guide to answer all the project plan questions

Publicising Successful Projects

Advises how, when and where to publicise your project

Requesting a Variation

Outlines the requirements to vary your Agreement

Acquitting your Project

Step-by-step guide to help close your project