The Youth Volunteering for Nature is part of the Victoria’s Great Outdoors program, which seeks to get more Victorians, from all walks of life outdoors enjoying nature.

We want to empower young people, aged 18-29 all over Victoria to become champions for nature by creating innovative answers to challenges facing Victoria’s natural environment. Youth Volunteering for Nature is looking for ideas that engage with the community through environmental volunteering to protect and preserve Victoria’s special places for future generations.

The Youth Volunteering for Nature Fund is now closed.

Outcomes to the Biodiversity round will be announced soon.

How to apply

1. Register with ParkConnect.

2. Apply to the Youth Volunteering for Nature Fund.

3. Manage your Youth Volunteering for Nature Application/s.


Make sure your idea meets the Funding Guidelines and addresses the Criteria.

Fact Sheets

When applying:

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs and tips to plan and build your application

Managing Country Together

Outlines your requirement to engage with traditional owners and when to undertake cultural assessments

Applying for Funding

Step-by-step instructions on how to complete the online application form and tips to plan and build your application

Once submitted:

Unsuccessful Applications

Outlines the options available for unsuccessful applications

Successful Applications

Outlines the overarching requirements of successful applications

Publicising Successful Projects

Advises how, when and where to publicise your project


Phone: 13 1963