Bushwalkers walking single file along a dirt trail in grassy bushland with rocky formations in the distance.

Planning an excursion? Submit an Education Group Excursion Form

ParkConnect is Parks Victoria's online database for visitor communication and emergency management. Registering your upcoming trips and excursions through ParkConnect assists in alerting you to any park closures, storm damage or management activities such as planned burns that may impact your visit.

Please submit an online Education Group Excursion Form one month prior to your visit to a park.

Register with ParkConnect
Two young children looking with interest at the contents of a water-filled plastic tray placed on the ground outside.

Register a Bush Kinder Activity Plan

Before you head out for your first bush kinder session, you can register your program by creating a Bush Kinder Activity Plan.

Whether you're visiting once a week or once a month, the Bush Kinder Activity Plan will prefill your visit details according to the recurring pattern and schedule that you select. This means you can submit just one form for the whole term, semester or year.

Please submit an online Bush Kinder Activity Plan one month prior to your visit to a park.

Register with ParkConnect

Event permit requirements

Planning a trip for over 100 participants or organising a sporting event such as cross country? The Education Group Excursion Form does not apply to groups of 100 or more, and you will need to apply for an Event Permit.

Resources to support your excursion

For excursion resources and for more detailed information on planning an excursion or bush kinder, please visit the Parks Victoria Learning in Nature webpage.